Thursday, September 30, 2010


Delhi is an overpopulated state,
Every individual’s needs & whims, its deficient resources, cannot satiate.
Yet, in the past few years Dehiites have witnessed such rapid changes,
That previously materialized, in ages.
The roads are broader,
The routes are shorter,
And every Delhiite must confess
That the Delhi Metro has been, a grand success.
Our country is big and our problems are bigger,
Besides, it has a history of having politicians, who almost always, swagger.
However, Delhi's Chief Minister, is a class apart,
We at least know, that she is trying her best, to do her part.

Let us not forget that we are a comparatively new democracy,
We only got our independence in the previous century.
India has indeed, come a long way,
And has the potential to take the world in its sway.
However, we need to be calm and patient,
Till our country becomes entirely self sufficient.

[Who works for the Indian government? How many of us, actually meet deadlines? Who litters and dirties public places? How many of us are entirely honest and don’t think that a little bit of corruption is rather convenient (Be honest!) ? What are we, as individuals, doing for our country?
And finally, what makes a nation? Most people, barring a few idealists, after finding answers to these questions, should ideally stop blaming the Delhi government for the so called “Commonwealth Debacle”.]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


No matter how practical a mortal seems,
Can any mortal ever say,
That in the night or during the day,
He never dreams?

All living beings have different thoughts and feelings,
So they dream of diverse things.
Poets dream of beauty and romance,
While the worldly-wise crave for freedom, fun and finance.
Children dream of absolute merriment,
While the senile seek spiritual fulfillment.
The teenager yearns for his lover,
But the hermit prefers the silence of nature’s bower.

A dream reveals the mischief of our subconscious mind,
And relieves us from the pressures of our daily grind.
It transports us into a trance like state,
And every desire, it secretly satiates.
To all hidden thoughts and sentiments,
A dream always gives a much needed vent.

Even when everything in life goes wrong,
Our dreams inspire us to move on.
Dreams are like motion pictures created inside a mortal’s mind,
And they always help us to relax and unwind.

Dreams offer at least a temporary respite,
From the regular gift of sorrows that our Generous God so graciously provides.
By offering us this free form of entertainment,
With mortals, Guilty Mr. God, seems to have made a settlement.