Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kindergarten Kid

The conniving kindergarten kid,

Presents many excuses valid,

A variety of 'aches', he loves to feign,

Oh! Going to school is such a pain.

Alas! Mummy is never convinced,

She knows her child is an actor accomplished.

He goes to school with a long face,

The hatred for school, he can hardly efface.

He enters the classroom and faces his teacher,

Oh! how he hates this frightful creature.

He moves to the back bench cautiously,

For his shoes aren't polished properly.

He loves to read and write,

The dance and drill classes are an absolute delight.

Alas! If only he could do things freely,

Everyday he would go to school willingly.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Terrorist

Terrorism is the gravest problem in the world today,

The terrorist judiciously keeps logic at bay.

Violence is his biggest obsession,

He revels in causing large scale destruction.

Communal hatred and extremist beliefs cloud his reason,

Warmongers instigate him to commit treason.

By slaughtering people he seeks to attain notoriety,

But the shameless sadist claims that he is reforming the human society.

The terrorist targets the common man,

Who dreams big and never hesitates to plan.

He works hard day and night,

And sacrifices his present, to make his future bright.

The terrorist loves to see the common man cry,

His craving for power, he must satisfy.

He detests all kinds of celebration,

So during the festive season, he causes the maximum destruction.

He plants bombs in crowded public places,

All the risks he willfully embraces.

Guided by false ideals, he becomes a suicide bomber,

And in a second the festive atmosphere turns somber.

There are charred and mutilated bodies everywhere,

The innocent common man encounters his worst nightmare.

With his own blood, his future plans are wiped away,

Alas! The terrorist holds his little world, in his sway.

Oh God! The universe is the result of your hard work and dedication,

You alone have the right to destroy beings of your own creation.

Then tell me God, why do these terrorists get away,

And why is Terrorism the gravest problem in the world today?