Sunday, June 15, 2014

Very Important Episodes from the Mahabharata

My intention here is not to promote my religion in any way. I somehow feel that these episodes are very important because they offer solutions to most of life's problems.

12th June -Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Bhaktiyoga

Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Bhaktiyoga. He tells Arjun about the relationship between dedication and devotion. He informs Arjun that devotion towards the almighty is remarkable. Krishna tells Arjun that the development of a soul is possible only when it is present in the human body. He tells Arjun that devotion is a state of mind. Arjun wishes to see Krishna's real avatar. Krishna shows his Vishwaroop avatar to Arjun. Arjun becomes overwhelmed on witnessing the same.

11th June - Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Karmayoga

Krishna suggests Arjun to accept the consequences, either victory or failure. He enlightens Arjun about Karmayoga. Arjun assumes that he has to become a hermit to follow Karmayoga. Krishna tells him that one can follow Karmayoga even in a society. He informs Arjun that the aim of every soul is to attain moksha. Arjun learns that Krishna is almighty. Krishna asks Arjun to leave everything behind. He informs Arjun about his incarnations. Krishna tells Arjun that he is eternal and primeval.

10th June- Krishna enlightens Arjun about the Gunas

Krishna informs Arjun that the composition of human bodies are the same, yet their behaviour is different. He enlightens Arjun about Sattva, Tamas and Rajas. Arjun analyses Duryodhan, Dushyasan, Bhishma and Dronacharya with respect to the Gunas. Krishna informs Arjun that the human body can be destroyed but the soul is eternal. He informs Arjun that every soul should try to understand the almighty. Krishna tells Arjun that death is definite for all. He asks Arjun to get ready for the war.

9th June -Krishna enlightens Arjun about dharma

Krishna mentions the misdeeds of Duryodhan, Dushyasan and Shakuni, and the sacrifices of Bhishma and Dronacharya. He enlightens Arjun about dharma and adharma. Arjun becomes worried on thinking about the aftermath of war. Krishna informs Arjun that the destruction of the Kuru army is necessary  for the dawn of a new society. He suggests Arjun to fulfill his responsibility by participating in the war. Arjun becomes nervous and drops his Gandiv. He requests Krishna to guide him towards the right path.

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