Friday, August 14, 2009


Education is the key to success,

It is an ongoing process.

Each day of existence,

Adds to our knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Alas! We live in a world where degrees matter,

So many dreams, does this harsh reality shatter.

For education is not easily accessible,

In this overpopulated world, where even basic amenities are not available.

That education does not mean mugging different precepts and concepts,

Is a popular theory which every eminent educationist accepts,

Alas! The same educationists support the system of examination,

Which demands rote memorization.

It is a myth that we can attain knowledge,

Only at a school or a college.

Self-education is the best kind of learning,

Knowledge thus gained, is permanent and enriching.

Love (Romantic)

It is a feeling which cannot be explained,

When your mind stops working and your heart is over-strained.

You are in a state of absolute delight,

And the face of your beloved always blurs your sight.

When poetry comes naturally,

And sleep eludes regularly,

When walking turns into prancing,

And you feel like singing and dancing.

When your beloved’s comfort and happiness becomes your obsession,

And your reason is repeatedly kicked by your passion.

Then ‘Love’ is the name of your condition,

For which there is only one prescribed medication:

An equal love from your lover’s side,

Which will calm your nerves and peace will reside.

Unrequited love is like severe body ache,

After all, the spurned lover’s heart is at stake.

His / Her eyes are water fountains,

He / She knows that true love can move mountains,

So he / she never stops trying,

Keeps heaving, hoping and crying.

But when love is reciprocated,

Every sentiment uttered for the beloved, seems exaggerated.

The thought of separation is unimaginable,

And feelings and sentiments become totally unmanageable.

The finest of all human sentiments,

‘Love’ knows no divisions, boundaries or impediments.

It spares no mortal soul,

In our lives, ‘Love’ plays an important role.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My College Days

Those were the best days of my life,

When fun and frolic was rife.

A refreshing realm of knowledge,

That was my college.

Funny friends and loving lecturers,

Freaky fundas and flexible study hours.

Riddles and rumours, gossips and giggles-umpteen,

Added spice to the junk I hogged at the college canteen.

I majored in English Literature,

And the subject suited my sensitive nature.

I was initiated into the world of stories, poems and plays,

Each lecture set my imagination ablaze.

My college was a literary paradise,

Where I learnt to critically analyze,

Every text that came my way,

Be it poetry, prose or play.

Free from the fetters of school,

I willingly jumped into the knowledge pool.

Where education was mixed with entertainment,

At college learning was never a punishment.