Sunday, March 28, 2010


The transmission of messages through signals for communication,
Is known as Telecommunication.
In ancient times, messengers, pigeons and beacons,
Carried out long distance communication.
In the modern era of electricity and electronics,

A basic telecommunication system consists,
Of three primary units.
A Transmitter converts information into signals,
Which are taken to a Receiver through several Physical Channels.
The Receiver, reconverts the signals into information,
Before it reaches its final destination.

While the TELEPHONE was Alexander Graham Bell’s invention.
George Stibitz’s researches lead to the development,
Of a process called ‘Request for Comment’.
This formed the basis of a four-node network called the ARPANET.,
Which eventually merged with other networks to form the INTERNET.

Communication with anyone, anywhere in the world, is now possible,
Since physical distance is hardly an obstacle.
People can easily stay connected with friends and family,
Social Networking sites are also gaining popularity.
Thanks to telecommunication,
The whole world is like one big nation.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Relationships represent the commingling of hearts, souls and minds.
And they are of many kinds.
Most meticulous mortals say,
And several self-help books convey,
That Love & Compromise; Fidelity & Friendship,
Are the essential elements of a healthy relationship.
If we all know this,
Then in a relationship, why can’t we ever enjoy, lasting bliss?

Well it is my judgment firm,
That ‘Love’ is the world’s most misused term.
And will it come as a surprise,
If I say, that most of us, hate to make a ‘Compromise’?
And Lo!! We almost forgot Aunt ‘Fidelity’!
To hell with her!! After all there is such, such a wide variety!
All creatures crave for companionship,
But Mean Madame Ego famously feeds on fine friendship.

Human nature is unpredictable,
It is complex and often changeable.
To a mortal, the mantra for a good ‘relationship’ has always been a mystery,
And the biggest proof of this is Monsieur History.
Well that’s a good explanation,
But it doesn’t resolve the situation.
Dear God, give us a solution,
It’s the plea of the entire human population.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Students

Excessive energy, ingenious ideas and varying talents,
These are the traits of my darling students.
They live each day,
With the spirit and zeal, of a holiday.

Whenever I am sad or depressed,
I think about them and feel relaxed and refreshed.
Their bright innocent faces,
Force me to overlook all their vices.

Sometimes they are mischievous,
Their strategies to cut classes are often devious.
My students hate assignments, projects and lectures,
They also specialize in bullying the new teachers.

According to them, it’s not so cool to be called a ‘nerd’,
And ‘Examination’ is, obviously, the most detested word.
Yet these reckless rioters turn religious during the exam days,
And miraculously, mend their wanton ways.

A couple of days before the result declaration,
The teacher, inevitably, becomes the object of their sudden affection.
Alas! They always forget that most teachers have a conscience,
And that they should have made a better use of their intelligence.

Its fun and frolic for those who pass,
And an year-full of insults for those who remain in the same class.
Thus, school life follows its well defined pattern of progression,
And the same saga continues, in the next session.