Monday, November 9, 2009

Commonwealth Games, 2010

India is all set for the Commonwealth Games, 2010,

It is a popular topic of discussion among most men, women and children.

Thanks to the C.G.F’s* decision,

India will soon become a popular tourist destination.

Formerly known as the “British Empire Games”,

It was first conceptualized in the land of the Thames.

Four separate teams represent England, Scotland ,Wales and Northern Ireland,

In 2014, the Games will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Many new bridges, buses and buildings have come up in Delhi,

The Delhi Metro has changed the definition of commuting, entirely.

There seems to be a shopping mall in every nook and corner,

A lot of money is being spent on infrastructure.

It is the nineteenth edition of the Commonwealth Games,

And the ninth to be held, under this name.

Every Indian is waiting for this event,

The bond between the commonwealth countries, it will certainly, cement.

(*Commonwealth Games Federation)