Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Johnny Juggler’s Belly

Once upon a time, in a village called ‘Juniper’,

Lived a jolly fellow called Johnny Juggler.

Juggling was Johnny’s occupation,

Making people laugh was his life’s sole ambition.

Johnny loved eating jam and jelly,

He didn’t care much about the size of his belly.

One day Johnny Juggler drank a jug full of Jambul juice,

But his big belly couldn’t take such abuse.

So jumpy Johnny went to Dr.Jane,

Who gave him medicine to cure him of his pain.

Dr. Jane told jolly Johnny that too much of juice, jam and jelly,

Was bad for his big big belly.

Johnny Juggler then realized that in order to keep himself and others happy,

He will have to stop over eating and look after his tummy.