Monday, January 16, 2012

The Indian Cricket Team

Cricket is the game that brings together the whole of the Indian nation,

In this country it is often hailed as a religion.

Our cricketers, rarely, if ever, perform well abroad,

But, in India, they are treated like demigods.

Hockey is our national game,

Yet our cricketers enjoy all the fame.

Whenever there is a cricket match, people are glued to their television sets,

But how much time do our gods devote to practicing in the nets?

Busy with their ego clashes, disagreements and endorsements,

Little do they care about their spectators’ sentiments.

Cricket, is known as the gentleman’s game,

But the match fixing scandals, have given it a bad name.

Winning and losing are a part of life,

Agreed, but, I think, for excellence, we must always strive.

The problem is that our players don’t lose gracefully,

They lose heart and give up very easily.

Well trained, highly paid, fully grown men,

Play such cricket that they are ridiculed even by our children.

For all the time that we devote to watching them, we only want a little bit of entertainment,

And they give us nothing but disappointment.

Roaring lions in their own backyard,

Can’t remember the last time they registered a convincing victory abroad.