Sunday, October 4, 2009

Uncle Tony and His Workouts

Uncle Tony met Molly at a gym,

Where the light was very dim.

Molly appeared just right,

In the dim, dim light.

The lady responded to his glances,

So Uncle Tony made controlled advances.

His smile exposed a set of whiskey teeth which were barely visible,

And shy Miss Molly’s voice was hardly audible.

Uncle Tony knew they were made for each other,

Very much like bread and butter.

He asked if she could join him for cup of tea,

And the lady graciously accepted his plea.

The twosome stepped out of the gym,

Where the light was so very dim.

Uncle Tony looked at Molly, in broad daylight,

He yelled, ‘God what a fright!’

Poor Uncle Tony’s conquest,

Was a wrestler, a man, in his vest.

Mr. Mallard alias Molly, gave him a wily grin,

And kicked him on his shin

After that Uncle Tony never went to that gym,

Where the light was so dangerously, dim.

The wrestler’s kick, caused him serious physical and mental injury,

And these days Uncle Tony only associates with the clergy.