Saturday, October 22, 2011

Corruption in India

The biggest boulder in the path of a country’s development, is Corruption.

It symbolizes the modern man’s decadence and degeneration.

In a world where wealth seems to matter the most,

The Corruption Virus, finds many a willing host.

It involves the abuse of power, position and influence,

To spread all manner of malevolence.

Who would dare to be a whistleblower?

In a country, where the corrupt seem to have all the power.

There is no transparency, at any level of Indian bureaucracy,

And Indians have become famous for their black money.

Corruption in India, has become a favourite topic of the jealous world’s discussion,

It is seriously affecting our country’s credibility and reputation.

Unless each individual makes a conscious attempt to be honest,

There is no real use of rhetoric, rage or protest.

Corruption cannot be curbed by any legislation,

The only solution seems to be moral rejuvenation.